Hand weaving in studio, Peterborough CanadaKnitting machine studio view at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Aberdeenshire Scotland.


I try to create a dialogue between ambiguity and hybridity. The things I make and the materials I use often shift between the familiar and the uncanny. Sculpture, figure, articles of clothing and other materials morph into ambiguous objects and installations that reveal and conceal. Through processes of production involving textiles, my works are attempts at consolidating concepts of anxiety, humour, clothing, static objects, spatial play, memory and time.

My studio practice involves the production of machine-knit and hand woven textiles. I then hang, twist, stretch, layer, felt and bind these hand-made textiles. Found, ready-made knit clothing and various other kinds of found textiles are also used in my work, further exploring a physicality of textiles.

My hand woven works are often wall based and more physically relational, being hand made, emphasizing raw material, colour and pattern. There are elements of Bauhaus inspired design and modernist painting integrated into the hand woven works, combining a history of high art and craft. My object-based works, which utilize plastic and wood under-structures covered by machine-knit textiles, shift between figuration and abstraction. In some cases they play with forms of traditional and historic sculpture and craft. I also forgo internal structures like wood and plastic and allow the machine-knit textiles to display their material properties such as the stretched works that can be seen in my portfolio.

Colour plays a large role in my work, often acting as a compositional element emphasizing form and surface in space. Colour tends to charge space through the forms I make and install, adding to the patchwork humorous nature of my work. There’s a conversation between the textile forms, textures and colour in space that is visually dynamic, engaging and enigmatic.

Textiles from my studio production have also been adapted as templates for my paintings, along with cut paper and wood. These painted works are textured and the surfaces topographical, like my sculptures. The further luminous quantities of the painted work play with colour theory, the physics of light and photography with pigment on paper and panel.